Lozano, Lorafe F.

Assistant Instructor



B.S. Industrial Engineering, University of 韦德游戏平台, 2002
M.Engg. Industrial Engineering, University of 韦德游戏平台, 2015
D.Eng. Energy Engineering, University of 韦德游戏平台, 2021

研究 Interests:

Renewable energy, energy access, rural electrification, energy policy, system dynamics, GIS, HOMERPro, sustainability, sustainable development

Recent Publications:

1. Lozano, L.; Taboada, E. B. 2021. “Applying user-perceived value to determine motivators of electricity use in a solar photovoltaic implementation in a Philippine island.” Sustainability 13(14), 8043.

2. Lozano, L.; Taboada, E. B. 2021. “The power of electricity: How effective is it in promoting sustainable development in rural off-grid islands in the Philippines?” Energies 14(9), 20705.

3. Lozano, L.; Taboada, E. B. 2021. “Elucidating the challenges and risks of rural island electrification from the end-users’ perspective: A case study in the Philippines.” Energy Policy 150, 112143.

4. Lozano, L.; Taboada, E. B. 2020. “Demystifying the authentic attributes of electricity-poor populations: The electrification landscape of rural off-grid island communities in the Philippines.” Energy Policy 145, 111715.

5. Lozano, L.; Querikiol, E. M.; Abundo, M. L. S.; Bellotindos, L. M. 2019. “Techno-economic analysis of a cost-effective power generation system for off-grid island communities: A case study of Gilutongan Is., Cordova, Cebu, Philippines.” Renewable Energy 140, 905-911.

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